• Continuous extrusion and cladding equipment kit

Continuous extrusion and cladding equipment kit

■ Product introduction
Continuous extrusion and cladding technique is the state-of the-art process for non- ferrous metal fabrication, cable production and metal-ware production. Compared with conventional processed, this technique features:
Continuous production without intervals,
Raw material is of same specification with cheap price
High material utilization and without sharp edges
Space, equipment and energy saving
Good finish of the product and accurate dimension
Cladding without seam with good seals

■ An introduction of production line with steel cladded by aluminum
The production line utilizes tangential continuous cladding technique to clad aluminum continuously on the outer surface of pretreated steel wire, and then employs double metal synchronous deformation technique to draw the wire to a specific dimension needed. The steel wire cladded by aluminum produced with this technique can come up to IEC standard and ASTM standard.

Technical specifications of the equipment typed LB350-2/200 is as follows:

Nominal dimension of extrusion wheelRated rotation speed of main motorRated power of main motorCladding dimension with steel cladded by AlCladding speed
Ф340mm 16.7 rpm 200kw Ф4-Ф8mm 120m/min

If equipped with some supplementary equipment, this production line can also produce a variety of shielded cables such as CATV and OPGW cables.

■ Flat ype copper wire continuous extrusion equipment kit
The production line consists of copper rod paying out machine, aligning machine, continuous extrusion machine, anti-oxide cooling system and wire rolling.
The production line features simple process, low investment, small production space, energy and labor saving, with the result of low cost. The quality of products are far superior to those made with traditional drawing process.
Raw material is copper with same specification, easy stock preparation;
Continuous production with high production efficiency;
Extrusion process is the procedure of hot deformation so that tempering is not needed, with the result of remarkable energy-saving and good evenness.
Product modification can be obtained by replacing dies. It is especially suitable for small batches with diverse products.
Good machinability and microstructure can be achieved with good conductivity.
Smooth and stable surface;

Main parameters

Type of extruder (300/120)Section areaAverage productionAverage consumption of power others
Nominal dimension of extrusion wheelRated power of main motor Rated torque Rated rotation speed15-150mm2350 kg/h300 kW.h/tonflash
300mm 120kW 71000Nm12rpm3-5%

Workshop space requirementPerformance index of productsTooling service life and estimated cost
LXWXHOperatorsConform to GB5584.1-85 standard Extrusion wheelMould cavitydiesestimated cost of tooling
30X12X3 m2 persons per shift40-50 tons30-50 tons3-6 tonsAppx. 200 RMB/ ton

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