• NSW type hand brake for freight train

NSW type hand brake for freight train

Product Model:QF(W)/SYSH25-00-00-00

■ Usage:
NSW type hand brake is mainly used for freight train parking and shunting.

■ Main technical index

Type Width Height Thickness Hand wheel diameter Weight Ratio
NSW 522mm 400mm 270mm Φ400 36kg 27

Chain Suitable for train types Chain length Weight of total corresponding machine
Class I Standard length 689mm 33kg
Class II G17, G17B, G17C, G70, G60 1710mm 37kg
Class III XN17A、XNl7B 1567mm 36kg

■ Structure introduction
NSW hand brake consists of hand brake, drive shaft, gear, ratchet, clutch, box cover, bottom seat. The diameter of hand brake is 400 mm which is suitable for operation on flat train and other trains. Hand wheel is pressed with 4 mm thick steel plate, on which "braking" and "release" are stamped. The bottom seat and box cover are press-formed with 6 mm thick steel plate, on which nameplate and main technical specifications are provided.

■ Operation
◆ Braking
Rotate the hand wheel clockwise as per the direction indicated on the hand wheel, so that chain can produce and maintain braking force.
◆ Release
Rotate the hand wheel counter-clockwise about 40°as per the direction indication on the hand wheel, so that hand brake can be released. The torque needed for release is about 50% of the input torque when braking.
◆ Lock
Brake lock device is provided to avoid easy release of hand brake.

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